"Having been a Birmingham resident my entire life, I chose to become involved in civic activities to do my part to ensure the city remained a viable option for my own children to live and begin their own families. For over 10 years, I have worked for positive change throughout our city. I now feel it is time to take my voice to another level and seek elected office. I want to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to Birmingham as City Councilor representing District 5. If elected, I wish to focus on crime reduction, neighborhood funding, and funding for Birmingham City Schools."

Crime Reduction

One of my first initiatives as your city councilman is the proposal for crime reduction and safety implementation. Once in office, I want to organize a crime reduction plan for District 5 for each neighborhood. My office and I will work on a neighborhood plan and present it to the Mayor and fellow Council members.


Neighborhood Funding

Another one of my leading goals for Birmingham is Neighborhood empowerment. I will work with all neighborhoods on a residential housing plan. I will also continue to advocate for neighborhood funding to be restored from $2,000 back to $5,000, while also promoting for equitable neighborhood services.


School Funding

As District 5’s councilman, I would work diligently to restore funding to Birmingham City Schools. The school system received zero funding from the city of Birmingham in the 2020 budget and I will work with my District 5 School Board Representative on what they need. I also plan to advocate for for a board representative to be on the Council Education Committee. 

Questions About Richard's Platform?